The creative entrepreneur


Who has developed the tool?





The successful entrepreneur booklet was developed by CIDA. CIDA works to inspire and energise people to achieve spectacular results. CIDA does this by helping them realize their own capacity for new ideas (creativity) and to turn their good ideas into successful reality (innovation).

Why was this tool developed?

In ten years of working with creative entrepreneurs CIDA has recognised that those who achieve their ambitions demonstrate particular characteristics which enable them to be most effective. By identifying and articulating these characteristics, CIDA has been able to encourage and nurture their development in new entrepreneurs and those seeking to develop their business. 

For whom has this tool been developed?

The Successful Entrepreneur has been developed for creative entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business. They might be young people, but could equally be someone embarking on a second or third career. They may have different starting points but they are most likely to want to engage in enterprise for one of the following reasons, or for a combination of these reasons:

  • Because they want to earn a living from their creativity
  • Because they see an opportunity to develop their communities through their creativity
  • Because they believe they have an idea which is potentially scalable and profitable

How should this tool be used?

The Successful Entrepreneur sets out a process which is best followed by the entrepreneur working with an advisor or consultant. The role of the advisor is to guide the entrepreneur through the questions; to help her or him think about the way s/he works; to encourage the development of good practice.