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Who has developed the tool?





The GPS for enterprises tool was develop by Flanders District of Creativity. Flanders DC is the Flemish organisation for business creativity. Flanders DC was founded by the Flemish government to make entrepreneurial Flanders more creative and creative Flanders more entrepreneurial, and to create synergies between them. To do that, Flanders DC builds knowledge, creates awareness, organises networking and develops handy tools for people who want to get creative and entrepreneurial. Flanders DC works for entrepreneurs, educators, kids and youngsters, policy makers and the public-at-large.

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Why was this tool developed?

GPS for enterprises was developed for future scanning by businesses, to bridge the gap between the current and future business based on emerging trends in science, technology, society and markets. On a deeper level, GPS for enterprises addresses the innovation paradox: we research a lot and see a lot coming at us, yet we see shortcomings in the valorization of the potential this knowledge has. GPS for enterprises also encourages session organizers to invite external people from across the value chain and experts from research centra.

For who is this tool developed?

In the first place GPS for enterprises was aimed at SME’s. However, we have experienced the tool being used in larger brainstorming sessions too, even up to 500 and 1000 people. GPS for enterprises has been successfully applied in a broad range of sectors, public, private and non-profit; business, research and policy.

How should this tool be used?

The tools can be used with groups of 8 to 12 people (one or multiple groups) by a facilitator preparing, delivering and following up on the session.