Creativity test

In recent years, creativity has become a very highly valued skill. Creative people combine existing possibilities to reach new often unexpected solutions. Creativity is an essential building block for innovation in business. Everyone possesses a certain level of creativity; some just have more than others. Please note: this skill has its weak sides. Quality mainly comes from working conscientiously in a standardised manner. You know the saying: 20% inspiration, 80% perspiration. Take the test to see how creatively you think.

Developing ideas

Creativity means ideas. Lots of ideas. So the question is pretty simple: how do you make sure that you have a lot of ideas?

First of all, you have to learn to think creatively. Once you’ve mastered that you can start brainstorming -- either alone or with others. Then generate lots of ideas, select the best ones and work them out in more detail.

Expanding ideas

Sure, it’s nice to have a good idea, but the idea alone is not enough. You have to do something with it. That’s why you should always end a brainstorm by expanding your ideas

Make your company creative

Creativity is increasingly becoming a must for companies. Because of the increasing competition, companies must find different, new, and better solutions for their challenges. But how do you transform your organisation into a creative organisation?

The study 'The innovation process in large companies and SMEs' (Dutch only) from the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre provides us with 9 recommendations.