The Co-Innovation tool has been developed for companies, communities and other organisations who wish to learn new innovation, coaching and collaboration methods, to share knowledge, and to make these new ways of working an integral part of the company’s working culture.

How does it work?

The tool can equally be utilised by young, old, small and large companies. It can also be used for diverse collaboration and innovation, as well as for joint productions carried out with a client and other interest groups. It is a multifaceted development tool, which creates an inspiring and participatory working culture for an organisation.

The purpose of this handbook is to tell business and organisation developers about using the Co-Innovation tool. Coaching is a new viewpoint for business developers to use alongside the traditional consultation viewpoint. For me, growing into coaching has been a learning process of ten years, which has required lots of repetition, adopting routines and also failures. The most challenging task has been to understand the coach’s role as a facilitator and source of inspiration, in addition to my own role as an expert. It has been important to understand that it is not enough to transfer new information: an organisation must be inspired to participate and encouraged to implement the change, as well as to share information and to think together. The organisation must be coached to learn. This is possible through dialogue, coaching and various creativity tools.

When the Co-Innovation tool works, the organisation embraces the process and at the same time creates a positive buzz and learns the tools to further continue the development work. Success requires systematic work and control of the tool, but also plunging bravely into it and believing in individuals skills and the desire to take part in the development. We wish you bon voyage!