Who has developed the tool?



Co-Innovation has been developed by Creative Tampere and Proacademy, the entrepreunership unit of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The coach’s handbook has been written by Tiina Lindberg, coach in Proacademy and Vapaa pudotus Ltd.

Creative Tampere is a facilitator of new business, services and creativity. Creative Tampere is the City of Tampere's business development policy programme, for implementation in 2006–2011. It is largest regional creative economy development programme in Finland.

Why was this tool developed? 

Co-Innovation tool is developed for companies, communities and other organisations who wish to learn new innovation methods, coaching, collaboration methods and sharing collective knowledge, and to make these new ways of working an integral part of a company’s working culture.

Coaching is also a new viewpoint for business developers to use alongside the traditional consultation viewpoint.

For who is this tool developed?

The tool can equally be utilised by young, old, small and large companies. It can also be used for diverse collaboration and innovation, as well as for joint productions carried out with a client and other interest groups. It is a multifaceted development tool, which creates an inspiring and participatory working culture for an organisation.

How should this tool be used?

The tool can be used in teams (min. 4 people) with one coach in any stage of the business cycle. Our tool can also be seen as a starting point of an innovation process.