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Who has developed the tool?




This handbook has been designed and developed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Terrassa with the collaboration of consultants experienced in advising on corporate business management to micro, small and medium enterprises.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Terrassa belongs to the 88 Spanish Chambers network and is one of the most important Chambers in Catalonia regarding the number of members and the economic weight of the area.

Our professional team consists of 50 qualified and experienced professionals who are specialized in different work areas. This dynamic team closely co-operates with our own network of more than 80 experienced freelance professionals, among trainers and consultants.
We have also developed 3 areas of expertise, including our own successful programmes on: Internationalization of SMEs, Managerial training and Start up consultancy.

Why was this tool developed?

The size of the companies often affects their growth, and the majority of Catalan companies are small and medium size. To cope with the growing level of competitiveness, the Chamber of Terrassa developed a comprehensive improvement plan to encourage the promotion of SME business projects in a growth phase and help them successfully overcome this period.

The micro and small companies have faced great difficulties to survive in a competitive globalized market, which is constantly evolving. After the considerable effort they have made to position themselves in the market, there is generally a critical management situation which is key to the company's future: the need to focus on their business development in order to grow and consolidate. Management policy, planning and a global vision are key when facing a period of growth.

This handbook was developed from the experience gained from carrying out consultancy and training to more than fifty small businesses. It includes some reflections on the living conditions of small companies in a growth phase and about the importance of good business management, while also proposes a guide with basic tools which can be very useful. 

With this publication, the Chamber hopes to contribute to the professional qualification of the employers, to encourage a process of reflection and to offer effective management resources.

For who is this tool developed?

It is developed to explain basic concepts of business management to all employers who create a company without specific training in business management.

How should this tool be used?

This tool is designed to give support during the stages of training or consulting for companies. It is sought to develop a simple instrument to make owners and managers think about the different aspects to enhance and improve within their businesses in order to grow and consolidate.

The manual is intended as a leitmotif of the different aspects covered in the training and advice to businesses to have an overview of the key points that are sometimes forgotten in the day to day.